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Prawn Laksa

So easy ~ 15min cooking time. Serves 4.

✅ Full of vege

✅ rice vermicelli noodles for some carbs

✅ prawns being a great lean source of protein 👌(you could also use chicken)


1.) Add 2 tins of 400ml light coconut milk + 500ml fish or chicken stock + 70g laksa paste to a pot and heat (low-medium) on stove top for 10min

2.) Add chopped broccoli, snow peas & green beans to the pot. Cook for 1-2 min

3.) Add approx 160g rice vermicelli noodles. Cook for 2 min

4.) Add raw, peeled & deveined prawns (~400g). Cook for 2 min

5.) Once prawns are cooked through, serve info bowls and top with fresh bean sprouts, coriander leaves, chopped spring onions, fresh chilli & lime

Happy days 🤗

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