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Non Diet Approach

A Few Facts on Dieting...

Unfortunately, we are lead to believe that we need to "diet" to be healthy, and that by losing weight, we will become "healthier". 

In most cases, weight loss diets are not nutritionally adequate or sustainable. And while most diets do provide short term weight loss (<1yr), there is solid evidence to suggest that Diets Don’t Work.

We now know that..

  • Almost everyone who goes on a weight loss diet will regain this weight within 1-5 years.

  • Dieting is a large predictor of weight gain (and re-bound weight)

And the first thing we do is unnecessarily blame this on ourselves... Instead of saying the diet has failed us. 

What happens to our body when we diet?

Firstly - most diets are hard to stick to long term, and are not nutritionally adequate. It is not a matter of "will power" to stick to a diet, eventually our body's natural mechanisms will often fight back.

When we restrict calories, our body is programmed to adjust by conserving energy & increasing storage in anticipation of famine (this is an inbuilt survival mechanism). The body adapts, often resulting in a weight plateau & eventual weight re-bound. Over time, many people can end up heavier through dieting, due to the physiological affects of dieting continuing for some time after the diet is completed.


Not only are there harmful physical effects from yo yo dieting, but perhaps more damaging is the psychological impact, including shame, guilt, anxiety & a disordered relationship with food. This again perpetuates the vicious cycle that is dieting, as people feel they need to go back onto a diet to regain control.

What doesn't help is that we are constantly bombarded with messages around food and nutrition, often promoting the latest "superfood" or "weight loss strategy". We are sold messages like "just eat this" or "follow these rules" to improve our health. We are taught not to listen to our own bodies, but rather someone else's diet rules. Social media has amplified these messages, with many nutrition claims not being backed by solid evidence, often promoted by "wellness guru's" (although mostly well meaning), without a university degree in nutrition & dietetics. Its no wonder people are often left feeling confused and vulnerable about food and our bodies. 

What is a Non Diet Approach?

The Non Diet Approach is well researched and teaches you awareness of your bodies natural appetite & hunger cues, otherwise known as intuitive eating.

The key aim is to forget the diet rules of the past and to build your own awareness and skills around what your body needs when it comes to nutrition.


A healthy relationship with food is one where you are not constantly worrying about what you should or shouldn't be eating and allow yourself to eat foods that will truly satisfy you. 

This can be hard if you have dieted in the past, as we are taught to ignore our appetite & hunger signals and follow the strict dieting rules.


Building intuitive eating skills involves eating to appetite and trusting your body's internal cues to tell you...


Allowing your body to guide you, through in built hunger signals, to tell you when you need to eat. 


Knowing what food/s will truly satisfy your hunger right now. Often its only once you allow yourself to eat without restriction, that you will find yourself choosing wholesome & nourishing foods that your body needs and make you feel good.


Rather than having the amount of food you need dictated to you or having to weigh your food, learning to use your own body's internal cues to recognise when you are left feeling satisfied with the amount eaten.


Image by Brooke Lark
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