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What is mindful eating ?

Put simply, mindful eating is the opposite of mindless eating…

Mindful eating is a skill which involves how we eat, rather than what we eat.

When we are able to focus our attention and awareness on our food habits, we can start to foster a positive and enjoyable relationship with food.

Mindful eating helps us tune into our body in the following ways:

  • Becoming more aware of internal cues around hunger and satiety (fullness), which can help us to make decisions about when to start and stop eating

  • Choosing to eat food that is both pleasing and nourishing to the body (ie. what food will really satisfy me right now?)

  • Identifying personal triggers for mindless eating (for example, emotions like loneliness or boredom, or certain social situations)

Some simple strategies to build your mindful eating skills include:

✔️Before you eat, ask yourself some basic questions like Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? What food/drink do I feel like?

✔️Make the time to sit and enjoy your meal! Try not to eat “on the run”

✔️Eat slowly and pay attention to the taste, smell, texture or look of the food

✔️Check in with yourself during the meal. Stop eating just before you feel full. Try not to eat just because its on the plate

✔️Enjoy your food. There is a difference between feeling full and satisfied. Feeling satisfied is the result of enjoying a meal. You can be full but unsatisfied, which may lead to further eating.

Food should be both nourishing and enjoyable.

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