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🔷 Am I hungry ? 🔷

A seemingly simple question can often become confusing for various reasons.

I’m all about tuning into your body when it comes hunger & fullness.

Our body provides us with a wealth of signals when it comes to food, some of which we tend to ignore.

External food rules (such as fad diets or calorie counting) undermine our ability to tune into our body

By building your eating awareness skills, you can learn to trust your body to tell you

✔️WHEN to eat (ie. Am I hungry?)

✔️WHAT to eat (ie. what foods will satisfy me at this point in time)

✔️HOW MUCH to eat (ie. Am I full?)

I like thinking of hunger / fullness as a scale from 1-10. It doesn’t feel great being 1 (ravenous). We tend to make poor food choices or overeat. It also doesn’t feel great being 10 and absolutely stuffed (maybe 3pm Christmas Day? )

If we aim to remain between say 3 ~ 7, and give ourselves plenty of opportunity to eat throughout the day, then we’re doing pretty well

By simply asking yourself “Am I hungry?” before we eat, we also allow ourselves a chance to assess what else is going on other than hunger (eg. boredom, loneliness, sadness, anxiety)

Awareness is power. Of course we can still choose to eat if we’re not hungry (that’s actually pretty normal). Or we may just need something else other than food at that point in time

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